The Basics of Dental Care

"We spend a lot of time figuring out each patient," he explains. "And by figuring out, I mean a lot of doctors and dentists don't sit down and tell their patients the most important thing, which is not necessarily how to fix the problem, it's how you got the problem and how you keep the problem from coming back.

 "There's no point in doing a bypass when you never tell the patient to lose weight and exercise. You have to figure out why patients have a bunch of crowns and bridges and cavities in their mouths and tell them how to change that. In my mind, the most important thing a dentist can do is to teach a patient how to take care of themselves better."

Have No Fear
They're just words. Two little words. You know, the ones that send terror through your whole body whenever your dentist utters them: Root canal.

No worries at Lake Forest Family Dentistry. Horanic and his staff are skilled at handling even the most petrified patients. They offer great distractions in the form of iPads and TVs, and they've even got noise-canceling headphones to block out the sound of that taunting drill. They've really thought of every detail for keeping their patients comfortable, even using a scenting system to keep the office from smelling like a dentist's office.

Patients at Lake Forest Family Dentistry not only get to hold the latest technology in their hands, they also benefit from all of the high-tech equipment that Horanic uses in his practice.

Horanic is a lifelong resident of Central Florida. He attended nearly every high school in Longwood without ever moving (thanks to constant re-zoning), followed by the University of Central Florida and the College of Dentistry at the University of Florida. He has been a dentist since 1993 and has had his own practice since 1998. f the problem and recommend treatment.