Tooth-colored Fillings, Sanford, FL

In an ideal world, the human mouth would have no cavities, no fillings, and no sign of dental disease. Unfortunately, cavities occur and fillings need to be replaced.

Silver (Mercury) fillings have been the filling material of choice of most dentists for many years. Although Dr. Horanic still has the ability to use Mercury filling material, the filling material of his choice is a tooth colored resin material. This resin filling material matches the natural color of teeth, helping to improve the appearance of your smile.

When placing a filling in a tooth, Dr. Horanic numbs the affected area with a local anesthetic to make sure the entire procedure is comfortable for you. Depending on the size of the filling and the tooth being worked on, a rubber dam may be used. The rubber dam functions like a safety net, preventing debris from falling to the back of your throat. The decay is then removed and the tooth is shaped with a handpiece. To mold the filling to the shape of the tooth, it is surrounded with a flexible band and held in place with a small wooden wedge. A gel then chemically etches the tooth for a stronger bond. The etching allows the bonding material to adhere to the tooth while the resin is placed into the prepared tooth. A special high-intensity light is then used to harden the filling, and finally the filling is smoothed and polished. Before leaving, Dr. Horanic will check your bite to make sure your teeth are coming together as they should and to make sure there are no tight spots between the teeth.